Fluid Festival will only admit people over 18 years of age. Please remember your photo ID - no entry without ID. At the entrance you will receive a festival wristband, which gives you direct access to the camping and festival area.


All information on how to get there can be found here or at Location.


There will be art installations by external artists on the premises, which will be marked as such and guarded by supervisors. These must not be damaged or stolen under any circumstances. We ask you to treat the artworks with respect and sensitivity, as a lot of hard work, effort and diligence has gone into them. It is important to us that we give art and also the artists a visible and appreciative space at the Fluid Festival and that we can create together.


Will there be an awareness team at the Fluid Festival?

There will be a mobile awareness team as well as a stationary awareness team in the awareness space. The awareness team will be permanently available for you during the event and will be recognisable by the A-symbol on their clothing.

The Awareness Space serves as a safe and trustworthy shelter and resting place for you at all times and is there for you if you have experienced structural, psychological or physical violence at the event. If you are looking for help or need a break, you can always come there. Your experiences will not be denied here. Solidarity is our first priority. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, for whatever reason, the Awareness Team is there for you.

What is the concept of the Awareness Team?

The Awareness Team always works according to the concept of the power of definition: your experiences are never denied. You yourself define when and what form of violence or discrimination you have experienced. This definition is taken seriously and is not questioned.

Where can I report if I have felt unsafe/uncomfortable in a situation?

You can always report to the mobile awareness team and visit the awareness space. In addition, every person wearing a crew shirt is always available for you and will contact the Awareness Team via radio so that the Awareness Team can address your concerns as quickly as possible. The same applies to people who work in the areas of psycare, emergency medicine, security, bar or admissions. You can also get in touch with us at our information desk.

What is the structure of the Awareness Team?

The awareness team is made up of fluid team members and external awareness staff. These people share different realities and bring different perspectives. Awareness Team members position themselves as white, queer, trans*, non-binary, cis and/or BIPOC. Some bring professional expertise in awareness work, others have less experience and share a desire for safer and more well-behaved places, and still others do awareness work from a victim perspective.

Are there toilets and showers for FLINTA+ people?

There will be designated FLINTA+ spaces at both the porta-potties and the showers. We ask all guests to respect this rule.

Is there a safer space for FLINTA+ persons?

On the one hand, there are showers that are only accessible to FLINTA+ people. In addition, there will be an Our Space: A place - organised and designed by a FLINTA+ collective for the FLINTA+ community - that will serve as a place of exchange and retreat.

Is there a safer space for BI_PoC persons?

Yes, there will be a space. The space is accessible to all BIPoC at all times and serves as a place for exchange and/or time out. However, there will only be people there for a certain period of time each day to do care work and occupy the space. 

Barrier-free access

The festival area is at ground level and there are fixed paths between the floors. We also have barrier-free porta-potties. If you have any questions about this topic, please contact us: info@fluidfestival.de or awareness@fluidfestival.de.


We would like to urge you to take care of your wristband as best you can, as we cannot replace it if it gets lost. The wristband must not be given to anyone else. 


Camping is only allowed in the designated area. As the Fluid Festival takes place at the end of June, it can get very hot - so please think of sufficient sun protection in the form of a pavilion or sun canopy. All people who want to stay overnight in their car can of course do so. In this case, however, the car may only be parked in areas marked for this purpose.


You can only pay with cash at our bars and food stands. So remember to bring enough money with you. The nearest Sparkasse cash machine is in Jüterbog, which is 10km away.

Catering and glass on the premises

We kindly ask you to dispose of all empty glass containers immediately in the designated waste glass areas. Glass is always a safety hazard, so please do not leave any glasses/bottles unattended anywhere. We also invite you to take advantage of our culinary offerings on the grounds: We have three food stalls offering exclusively vegan and vegetarian cuisine, as well as a coffee cart and numerous bars. We appreciate your support in any case, as we rely on the bar income to make the Fluid Festival happen again.


Children are not allowed at Fluid Festival. Admission is 18 years and older.


We kindly ask you to leave your confetti or other environmentally harmful decoration elements at home.


According to the current Corona rules, the Fluid Festival may officially take place. Nevertheless, we would like to ask you to arrive tested. Please also bring several Corona tests with you so that you can test yourselves from time to time over the weekend.

Can the Fluid Festival take place despite the Corona? 

We firmly plan that the festival can take place despite Corona. For this we are in contact with the responsible authorities and other organisers, then we will adhere to the applicable regulations and work out our own hygiene concept, which we will scrupulously observe. We will of course keep you informed if, contrary to expectations, the festival cannot take place as planned. 

What happens if the Fluid Festival has to be cancelled due to Corona?

If Fluid Festival 2022 cannot take place, your ticket will remain valid for an alternative date - or you can have the ticket price refunded minus the advance booking fees. As soon as this happens, we will provide you with all the information you need. 


Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, use pocket ashtrays or bins. We will provide pocket ashtrays at the Infopoint for a small fee.


The use and sale of illegal drugs is prohibited at Fluid Festival. If we catch people dealing, they will be immediately expelled from the premises.

First aid

We ask you to keep an eye on your fellow human beings - if you see someone who needs help, please give first aid and let our awareness staff or the paramedics know immediately.

Go-Kart Track

At the edge of our festival area there is a go-kart track, which belongs to the landlord. Unauthorised access to the track is not only life-threatening, but also absolutely forbidden and will result in a ban from the site.


Please remember to bring sufficient supplies, such as disinfectant, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, plasters, medication or a sun hat. Of course we have paramedics on site who will take care of you if necessary.

Hygiene products

It is very important to us to protect nature as much as possible. Therefore, we are happy if you bring environmentally friendly hygiene products such as solid shampoo, solid shower gels or solid face wash.


At our Info-Point you can get all the information you need. If you have lost or found something, you can hand it in there. At the Info-Point you will also find our Code of Conduct, a map and our merchandise.


All festival visitors are liable for any damage they cause. We are not liable for any damage caused during performances. As organisers, our liability for our own actions and those of others is generally limited to cases of intent and gross negligence. This does not affect the liability of the organisers for initial impossibility and the breach of essential contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations), as well as liability for damages arising from injury to life, limb or health, which are based on a negligent breach of duty by the organisers, a legal representative or vicarious agent.

Light and volume

There will be no strobe as a light effect device, but we do have other lights that create a stobo. With the help of warning signs, we will point this out to you on the festival grounds. At the same time, we are trying to create a place that is not so affected by a stobo effect, but we cannot guarantee this at the moment. In general: Please note that there may be an increase in volume. Protect your hearing!


This year the Fluid Festival will take place on the Secret Forest site in Niedergörsdorf. The area has been festival-proven since 2017 thanks to the Back to the Roots Festival. You can look forward to several green areas, a forest and a small pool area on the grounds. Niedergörsdorf is located about 70 kilometres south of Berlin and is also easy to reach by public transport.

Lost and Found

If you have found something on the grounds, please bring it to the Info-Point. The same applies if you have lost something. With luck, someone will have already handed it in at the Info-Point. If this is not the case, please send us an email to info@fluidfestival.de.

Open fire / barbecue

Open fires are absolutely forbidden on the grounds. Do not throw your cigarettes into the landscape, there is an acute danger of forest fires in summer.


We expressly ask you to leave your pets at home. A festival is simply not a suitable place for animals (due to noise, crowds and visual stimuli).

Photography and filming

Photography and filming is not allowed on the dancefloors, but is allowed on the rest of the site. However, please remember that people must always be asked before they are photographed. The personal rights of individuals should be respected.

Short note: From our side, there will be a photographer who may and should take photos on the grounds. However, we would like to assure you that he will respect the personal rights of all visitors - individual people and faces will not be photographed.


In readings, performances, workshops and live podcasts, topics around the body, queerness and sex positivity will be dealt with in a playful, serious and artistic way.

Prohibited items

Weapons and any form of security threatening objects are absolutely forbidden on the premises.


We ask all visitors to adhere to our awareness concept. Please respect the instructions of the security staff, the paramedics and the awareness team. If, after being admonished, a person again attracts negative attention, we will unfortunately have to expel him or her from the festival site. A ticket refund is not possible after an expulsion.


Please do all your shopping before the festival, as the nearest shopping facility is several kilometres away. We also encourage you to take advantage of our food and drink offer, as this is a great way to support small regional businesses and us as a festival.

Tags / Grafitti

Tags or Grafitis on the festival area are forbidden. Therefore, please leave all markers or spray cans at home.

Thunderstorms and storms

If there is a thunderstorm, please leave the dance floors immediately and go to your tent. We will inform all visitors about the further procedure.

Tickets / Cancellation

You cannot cancel your ticket, but you can sell it again and have it transferred. Please contact us by 15th June 22 with your name, order number and the details of the new buyer.


Please take good care of your valuables! Take only what you need and stow everything else safely on you (or if possible in the car).


Responsible waste management is very important to us. Therefore, we would like to urge you to always put your rubbish in the rubbish bins provided and to separate your rubbish yourself. The same applies to cigarette butts: Please do not throw them on the floor, but dispose of them in the rubbish bins or pocket ashtrays. These are available at the Infopoint for a small extra charge. We appreciate your help in leaving the grounds as clean as possible.


There are water points with drinking water on the campsite, which you can of course use. However, as these are only in one central location, we would recommend that you bring your own water canisters. There are water points at various locations on the festival grounds. You can also buy Viva con Agua water in 0.5 and 1l PET at our bars.